GET LUCKY, ‘COZ IT’S FATHER’S DAY!! Giveaway Winner Announced

GET LUCKY, ‘COZ IT’S FATHER’S DAY!! Giveaway Winner Announced

Hey there! A big big thank you to all the amazing people for taking part in this giveaway. Now it’s time for the results. Wanna know who the lucky ones are?

The Grand Prize Winners are:

Fathers Day Giveaway winners

@Sabari.dhar (Facebook)
@Debdip.chakraborty.1 (Facebook), &
@Swayta.goswami (Instagram)

The excitement didn’t end here, as its father’s day, so we are going a step ahead and here the surprise is….

Everyone’s A Winner

Yes, you read it right, everyone who entered the giveaway will receive a special offer to buy a gift for his/ her beloved Dad.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and claim your reward. All you have to do is register yourself on our site, take screenshots showing us that you follow us on Social Media and mail us those screenshots on

Link to Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Winners are requested to get in touch at the earliest to claim their prize.

We gladly welcome all your love and feedbacks. Stay tuned, for this is not all..!